Friday, 24 November 2017

Sourdough season begins!

 Every year, I start a sourdough culture, bake with it,  get attached to it  (yeah I admit it, I do) and then watch it die during an inevitable heatwave.

So this year, I decided to avoid the annual heartbreak. I baked with commercial yeast right through the hot months and through the damp, dank monsoon season, when nasties usually try to grow in starters.

And now that Pune is cooler, I've grown a starter again! This baby was created a month ago, and it is a good natured, forgiving starter that can make the densest of flours look fluffy and pretty. A bit like a wellness expert for flours, without the hushed tones.

The little loaf you see here is made with 100 g wholewheat starter (with 100% hydration), 200 g wholewheat atta flour, 160 ml water, 5 g salt and lots of hand kneading.

Woo hoo!

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