Thursday, 6 October 2016

It's sourdough time again!

I've noticed that every summer, my sourdough starters just lose the will to live. It's either too hot or too humid for starters to flourish, and I either end up with super sour winey slurry or fuzzy uglies in the jar.

I have the option of moving the starter in and out of the refrigerator, but over the years, I've just learnt to do without sourdough during this period.

But now that the weather has begun to get more civilised, and my new starter is 10 days old, I thought I'd take baby steps into flour-water land.

This baby isn't the best or the airiest or even the prettiest I've baked, but after months of sourdough starvation, it was welcomed with gusto and loved to crumbs!

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