Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Protein-shake-from-scratch experiment: Version 1

A scoop of protein powder typically contains 13-25 g of protein, depending on the brand you buy and the ingredients they put in.

For those of us who make bees look idle without even trying, the convenience of protein powders are hard to match.

The flip side of this great convenience is the taste of 100% synthetic strawberry or chocolate that laminates the inside of your mouth for hours, and the sudden emptiness that clutches at your wallet.

Yeah yeah, I know that health is priceless, and it's in poor taste to try and put a price to it, but let's look at the options for a moment. Where I live, I could get a 3-month membership at a swish gym, a decent set of weights or half a pair of running shoes for the cost of a jar of good quality protein powder.  And none of these 'health' options taste like fake strawberries (a big plus for me :-))

Over the next few days, I plan to see if I get an equivalent amount of protein from real food.

 Today's smoothie is a version of a recipe I discovered on pop sugar, but I tweaked some of the ingredients. This smoothie took me all of 5 minutes to make, and I'm including hunting for ingredients in the cupboard in my timing. The texture was thick and creamy, and it had the right amount of sweetness for me. And the star quality? It was all I needed to consume for breakfast!

Bean, flax seed and banana smoothie


Serves: 1
Protein score: 13 g, calories: 274*

1 T cooked white beans
1 T flax seed (whole, raw)
1 banana
250 ml cold milk


Put everything into a blender and whirr until smoothish.

*Note: The nutrition info comes from

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