Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Six breakfast options that take quick oats to the next level

Although this is probably an unfashionable statement to make in an environment of steel-cut, minimally processed food, I love quick-cooking oats!

I love the fact that quick oats live up to their names so obligingly. They cook in minutes, and are cut fine enough to blend easily with so many other ingredients.

Here are some of my favourite recipes that take a breakfast of quick oats beyond a bowl of mushy food. Most of them require a few minutes of work, making them realistic weekday breakfast options. If any of them seem promising, you could access the recipes by clicking on the names below each picture.

Portable porridge
No-cook porridge with chia seeds
Savoury muffins with cow pea greens
Savoury breakfast slabs
A festive kheer with oats
Quick dosas with oats and spring onions

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