Sunday, 15 May 2016

Terrible photograph. Great salad.

Holidays are supposed to rejuvenate the body and mind, which clearly means that photography skills must belong to a rented organ in my case.  I took no less than six pictures of an amazingly delicate salad I fell in love with today, and this was the only picture that didn't make it look like something you might find in a compost heap.  Pshah!

So out of the confession box on to lovelier topics! I was in Goa last week and had bought some beautiful cashew nuts. The colour of these nuts was a creamy white, and this salad tries to build up colour on this, like a water colour painting might do!

There's cubed avacado for a green that's a shade darker than the cashews. Fresh green peppers which have the next shade of intensity on the inside and a deeper green on the outside. And finally there are dark green pumpkin seeds.

The dressing was a wash of balsamic vinegar and garlic infused olive oil (not something I would recommend or do again, at least at lunch time) which tinged everything with a slight sepia (especially the lighter shades).

The salad was fun to eat! Every mouthful had a range of textures, from buttery to crunchy.

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