Saturday, 12 March 2016

Red-hot vs red-cool

Hot weather has arrived in a dramatic blaze.

Even before we could say 'put away the quilts',  mercury levels were within scalding distance of 40ÂșC.

It is nice to be able to blame something. Up for grabs are global warming, urbanisation and a million other options civilisation has thoughtfully thrown up. But all that indignation only serves to raise our temperatures further.

Today, I showed my contempt for the weather by taking 'red' the colour of heat, and making it stand for a cool, refreshing salad.

Yes I know that's feeble, but I'm clutching at straws (even though they're in glasses of iced water) here.

This salad contains 4 red ingredients - red bell peppers, tomatoes, pomegranate and flakes of dried red chillies. The dressing is simple - olive oil with white wine vinegar and a dash of salt.

Pretty na? It was refreshingly and satisfyingly crunchy :-)

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