Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Pearl millet loaf

It's that time of year when the beautiful grey green bajra or pearl millet makes an appearance at meal times across Maharashtra.

Sadly, the art of patting out bajra flour into large flat breads is shrinking to the rural parts of the state.

But I am not worried - this millet seems to be a survivor. According to wikipedia, pearl millet or  Pennisetum glaucum has been food for human beings since 2500 BC.  A millennium more shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

For those of us who lack the skills to make bajra bhakri (read me me me), bread seems a simpler way to incorporate the grain into our diets.

I am not including the recipe in this post, as my weighing scales were behaving particularly prima donna-ish when I tried to weigh out ingredients. But I did use cup measures and shall convert them to grams as soon as madam scales start behaving themselves.

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