Sunday, 21 February 2016

Wish my fledgeling starter luck!

The starter I had started two days ago, using Vigna mungo, seemed vigorous enough this morning, but I dithered about taking the plunge right away. Instead, I made a preferment using 50 g of starter, 250 g of wholewheat flour and 400 ml of water.

By this evening, it was as light as a bath sponge, and had a distinctly vinegary tang.  I was ready to put the starter to its ultimate test, i.e. a loaf of bread!

I added 500 g of flour, another 100 ml of water (taking the liquid content to 500 ml, or 67%), and 12 g of salt.

Once I had incorporated all the flour into a shaggy mass, I slapped it on the counter and gave it a vigorous knead. The kneading technique involved pulling and folding, and no pressing or pushing (since I was using a lot of wholewheat flour, and I didn't want the jagged edged bran to shred all those newly formed gluten strands).

The dough is resting in a covered bowl as I write this, and hopefully, will have risen and bubbled up like a champion by tomorrow morning!

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