Friday, 19 February 2016

Root vegetables with coconut

An old potter once told me that mother nature is the only entity that can carry off any colour combination.

Mama food has the same generosity, I think.

This vegetable is inspired by the taste of the lacy thoran of Kerala. But I'm afraid I've substituted lacy with chunky, the grindstone with a blender and fresh coconut with frozen.

I used:

A couple of undersized beets and an oversized carrot, peeled and cubed (and cuboided in some cases, if there is such a word. Oh oh there isn't says the red dotted line).

Two teaspoonfuls of frozen grated coconut, minced with a clove of garlic.

A sprig of curry leaves, a green chilli and half a tsp of mustard seeds.

1 tsp oil.

Salt to taste.

Half a cup of water on standby.

I popped the mustard in hot oil, and added the chilli and curry leaves. After a brief stir, everything else went in. I covered the pan, adding water in small doses every time the pan sizzled too harshly. I avoided stirring the curry too much to prevent the carrots from turning into beet clones.

In about 10 minutes, the root vegetables were tender and I was a happy woman.

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