Monday, 21 December 2015

Day 2: Getting raisins drunk on rum :)

Yesterday was the second day of making the ingredients for a stollen.

This one was easy.

I left 100 g of golden raisins, 100 g of black raisins and150 g of chopped candied sweet lime peel to soak in 250 ml of dark rum.

Since I am determined to make my stollen with local ingredients, I used Old Monk, a popular rum brand of India. Although it has quite a fan following, I usually stay away from it as just sniffing the contents of the bottle gives me a headache.

The raisins and candied peel clearly don't share my opinion. After 24 hours in the liquid, they had consumed most of it, and had perked up no end. Wondering if it's time to hire a bouncer for the kitchen... :-)

Next: rum soaked raisins and peel

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