Thursday, 5 November 2015

Salad sushi

I love my zucchini corer, although I rarely use it to core zucchini!

Here's a child-friendly salad that I made this evening as an after-school snack.

What I did was to peel and core 2 largish cucumbers and push the fillings into the cavities.
Some went in easily, like the strips of red peppers, while some others needed a little push with the corer. The baby corn went in whole too, pushing the grated carrot to the edges.

I sliced them crosswise, and voila!

The fillings

I went a bit crazy with the fillings - here they are in no particular order.

     Grated carrots, with a few drops of fish sauce and a few of oyster sauce

Diced peppers, cheese and basil with a pinch of salt

     Strips of red pepper drizzled with a bit of oil and salt

Grated carrots and whole baby corn cobs with fish sauce and oyster sauce  

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