Sunday, 25 October 2015

A gluten-free, sin-free dessert :)

This has to be one of the fastest desserts I've ever created! I spent more time thinking of an antonym for sinful than I did assembling the ingredients!

I mean how complex can a pudding get when you don't have to measure out sugar, flour, milk or butter?There are just three ingredients in there - bananas, eggs and chocolate.

But the whole is soooo much more than the sum of its parts! The pudding has a satisfying moist custard-like consistency (it's just a bolstered omelette in disguise after all). And knowing that there's no sugar or fat in it makes it even more satisfying as you reach out for seconds or thirds :)

Ingredients (for 1 greedy person or for two sensible eaters)

An overripe banana, mashed

A couple of eggs

About 2 tbs semi-sweet, dark chocolate (chips or a few squares smashed whimsically. I used 70% cocoa chocolate chips)

A few drops of vanilla essence and chocolate syrup (optional)


Whisk together the eggs and banana until sort of homogenous. Toss in chocolate chips and optional ingredients.

Pour into a metal container that has been moistened with water.

Steam for 5-10 minutes. (I have one of those Chinese steamers that you can fit a basin into).

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