Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The 4-ingredient loaf

This little loaf, which I made for dinner tonight, needed just 4 ingredients. Wholewheat flour. Water. Salt. And sourdough starter (which is made with flour and water, so technically, I could say 3 ingredients).


Starter 60 g (200% hydration)
Wholewheat flour 240 g
Salt 6 g
Water 200 ml


Mixed in everything except the salt, and let the mess rest until it was ready to behave itself. About an hour did it. Added in the salt and kneaded while watching French Open, until it turned into a gooey, runny but amazingly elastic dough. Around 12 minutes, I think.

A beauty sleep in the refrigerator followed. In the morning, it hadn't really risen too much. So let it warm up to room temperature, which didn't make it rise dramatically either.

So lost patience, shaped it into a round loaf, set it upside down in a floured ceramic bowl and gave it a 2 hour rest. It condescended to puff up a bit by now.

Quickly heated the oven to 250ºC before the temperamental dough changed its mind, and slashed and bunged the smallest loaf I've ever made into the oven.

After 10 minutes and a few squirts from the spray bottle, things were looking up. There was a distinct oven spring and the slashes had spread.  Reduced the heat to 200ºC and gave it 25 minutes.

And that was it! A 100% wholewheat, 100% satisfactory companion to a refreshing gazpacho!

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