Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Sourdough Multigrain Dosas

First, a moment of truth. I keep going on about hating waste and saving the environment and so on and so forth, but the fact is that I am stingy. I wince when I watch cooking shows where chefs carelessly spoon out batter, leaving huge globs in the bowl. I actually collect crumbs after I slice bread and feed them to birds. 

Against this background, you will understand how my heart breaks twice a day when I feed my sourdough starter. 80% of the risen starter has to be thrown away, because there's too much yeast in there! So while looking for ways to recycle the 80%, at least once in a while, I came up with this recipe. 

While this recipe has a specific ingredients, you can use substitute them with any mix of flours,  depending on your wholesomeness quotient or more realistically, what you have in the cupboard. Ideally, the semolina should be retained, as it helps give the dosa its open crumb, and use at least some wheat flour, as a binder.


60 g flour
60 g sorghum flour
30 g quick cooking oats
60 g semolina
300 ml water
Salt to taste

Whisk everything except the salt together until you get a thick batter (slightly thicker than pancake batter but runnier than cake batter). Leave covered, to rise. In about 3 hours, you should have a bubbly, light batter that's grown to twice its volume. (I put mine in the refrigerator since I wasn't planning to make dosas for at least 6 hours). 


Dilute slightly with water, add salt and whisk again. 
Ladle out a quarter of a cup of batter onto a hot griddle and spread out with the back of the ladle in a circular motion. 

Watch the dosa get lacy as the bubbles break through the dosa to the surface. 

Add a spoonful of oil around the edges and flip when the bottom of the dosa turns golden brown. 
Turn down the heat and cook the other side. Don't wait for it to turn golden brown, it never will. It goes from pale white to charred black with no brown in between. 

Take off the heat, roll up and eat with whatever you have at hand. A chutney works, as does chicken curry, a slice of cheese or hummus. 


You could make the circle really thin if you like your dosa crisp or keep it chubby for a softer dosa.

As I said earlier, any mix of flours/grainy ingredients works as long as there's some flour/wholewheat flour and semolina in the mix.

These taste great the next day too at room temperature.


Aborted the diet I was planning to start on, by eating three for dinner. My excuse? Couldn't have wasted the last one :P

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