Wednesday, 27 May 2015

No-knead sourdough

For those of you with manicured hands, this might be the ultimate recipe for sourdough! It was for me when I used the same dough to shape three baguettes and 1 batard (even though I have clipped, child-friendly nails). I was so thrilled with the crust and the huge pockets, that I just broke the baguette with my dough-free hands and photographed it!

This might have been a happy accident, but hey, it's on record now!


150 g starter (200% hydration
500 g flour
100 g wholewheat flour
12 g salt (regular, iodised)
80% hydration (I usually include the water in the starter while calculating hydration, so 100 ml water in the starter, and 420 ml additional water)


Mixed all the ingredients except salt and left to rest for half an hour.

Added salt and used a spoon to scoop up the dough at the bottom and bring it to the top of the rough ball of very loose dough. Turned the bowl and
kept scooping until I had done a 360º turn.
I repeated this 3 times over the next 90 minutes, until the dough had started looking a bit glossier.

The bowl went to bed in the refrigerator, covered.

The next morning, I measured out 3 200 g pieces of the dough and shaped them into tiny baguettes. My oven is really really tiny, and can accommodate a max length of 11 inches.  The rest of the dough was shaped into a batard.

After 2 hours of rest, my beauties were ready for slashing and baking.

250ºC for 10 minutes followed by 25 minutes (for the baguettes) and 35 minutes (for the batard) at 200ºC.


A gentle taste, lovely open crumb and crisp crust that sang in a baritone when broken. The hardest part was to keep from eating these while hot!

PS: Was hoping you wouldn't notice, but if you're wondering why the loaves in the two pics have different colours although they were made from the same dough, the answer is poor photography skills :( Shot the baguettes as soon as they cooled when the sun was lovely, but by the time the batard was ready to model, it was so hot that I had drawn the curtains.

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