Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Spicy nut and seed butter

Is nut and seed butter too presumptuous a name considering there is one kind of nut and two kinds of seeds?

Why do I have a picture of chipped measuring bowls and ingredients instead of a glorious swirly shot of the finished dish?
Many reasons really.
1.The recipe is simple enough to be covered in two lines. So thought I'd add a little visual interest with the picture.
2. I love the cats, although they're old and overused and yes, chipped.
3. (the real reason) The seed and nut butter you get at the end is creamy, delicious and addictive, but it's not er... pretty.   Not even with photoshop. Shall attach a tiny picture at the end and let you judge for yourself.

OK so here's the recipe. I have volume measurements this time, since one of the cells of my weighing scale has rolled off into a black hole.


3/4 cup peanuts, roasted and peeled. Ok skip the peeling if you like, I stopped halfway as you can see.
1/4 cup lightly toasted, cooled sesame seeds
1.5 tsp toasted, cooled black cumin
2 garlic pods (omit or reduce if you have a snuggle lined up in the next few minutes)
1 dried red chilli (or to taste)
1/2 tsp sea salt (or to taste)
A tsp of peanut oil (or whichever oil you have at hand) on standby.


Pulverise in a blender until creamy and fragrant. If the process seems to be taking a bit too long, add the peanut oil, and everything will come together obediently into a dark, yummy butter.

That's it! I did warn you that it was easy.


Please don't be too harsh on the picture!
I slathered vast amounts on wholewheat bread. Perfection!
A strong tangy sourdough is a perfect accompaniment as it balances out the rich oil content perfectly.

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