Saturday, 31 January 2015

The first sourdough experiment of the year

If you look wistfully at pet owners, but live in a tiny apartment that a cockroach would feel stifled in, it's time to consider a sourdough starter.

These little creatures can live in a little tub, a jar, or at a pinch, even a bowl, and are high-maintenance enough to make that neighbour with a highly inbred pedigreed dog from Siberia feel neglectful. On the prettiness scale, let's just say that it scores somewhere between pet geckos and warthogs. Every time you open the container, it will smell sour enough to burn the hair in your nostrils. And while you have to feed it twice a day, your pet won't fetch the paper, purr affectionately at you or give you unconditional love.

But what your sourdough starter will give you, if treated right, is an endless batch of sourdough loaves. Think about it - a puppy begging is fun, but a neighbour begging for a roll is infinitely more fun. And to compensate, you can always fetch your own paper (1.5 calories at least), download purring sounds, and join tinder or something.

Here's a sourdough starter I started 3 days ago. I did warn you that it wasn't pretty, in spite of the shiny new photoshop express on my phone.

The formula?
30 g of wholewheat flour and 35 g of water.
After 24 hours, it started bubbling and growing, at which point, I fed it again, with the same amount of water and flour.
In 12 hours after that, the starter was hungry again (almost twice the volume), and I threw half the starter out, and refreshed it again with the same amount of flour and water.

In around 3 days of feeding the little guys twice a day and adding the same amount of flour and water as was in the bowl, I finally took the plunge and started a bread.

More about it tomorrow.

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